Talent Management & Training

Talent management, as its name itself specifies, managing the ability, proficiency and power of employees in an organization or industry.

The concept is not restricted to placing the right candidate at the right time on the right place, it extends to identification of abilities and limitations of a person, training them to be capable for their suitable work and to place in any organization to achieve their goals. Talent management is nothing, it is just a planning and science of human resource strategy planning to improve business values and help companies and organizations to reach their goals. Sometimes it is really confusing what is term talent management means? It’s a process of finding, training, developing and keeping best employees matches with the needs and objectives of the company. The main goal of event management companies in Mumbai, Delhi and entire India is to hire the employee that should be afforded by company so that company can reach the highest goals.

Meaning of talent-

• Person or people with an exceptional ability.

• Unusual natural ability to do something well that can be developed by training.

• Ability, aptitude, bent, capacity, endowment, faculty, flair, forte, genius, gift, knack.

Each and every firm is more particular about recruiting the right talent and employees who can make meaningful contributions to the firm.

Talent management is concerned with managing the different talented people have to offer within an organisation. This is done by studying and analysing each individual on their skills, talent, personality and character, in relation to filling a particular vacancy within the company. Everyone has different skills to offer and the hard part for a company is identifying those that fit in with the existing company culture –only effective HR procedures will be able to identify these individuals and appoint them appropriately.

Talent in an employee involves all kinds of elements, from their educational qualifications and skills, previous experience, known strengths and additional training they have undertaken, to their abilities, potential and motive, qualities and personality. Most companies practise TM in some way, this could be anything from the recruitment and selection of individuals, to their placement within the company, training and development courses, to performance management and various schemes that reward high-fliers and achievers. How involved a company is in talent management generally depends on the size of the business and their commitment to employees and their future.

Talent management is not just a part of any kind of process it is also about commitment and promises, like motivating a candidate or student, make them aware with their abilities, help them out to enhance themselves, providing and suggesting them best profile suits to them, encouraging them to reach their goal and being a part of their success.

According to Man Power survey 48% employers face difficulties to find right candidate. It is because of lack of candidates, poor image of occupation and weak soft skills and demand of high salary. It is vital for the HR department to hire the right employee for a proper role in the organization or else their lack of interest will contribute to the loss of business.

Talent management is a best tool or key for any successful business. Talent of an employee is not that small thing for any business, it’s a valuable asset for them. It is the part of role if talent management or HR that employee working for an enterprise should stick with the company with the right skills but for the long time. It’s important for the HR department to keep the entire workforce engaged and give them a sense of belonging and progress but it is challenging sometimes that is why they are need to rely on talent management department to make their functionality smooth. Talent management helps you to update the talent base of any organizations on time.

Now a days companies are investing huge amount on their employees and jobs in event companies for models, actors, dancers and singers. It takes a huge amount of corporate budget. Every person is having hope of earning more than investment, and it is only possible when investment is made on right place. Company also need to invest on right employee with some specific talents to balance everything and for this it needs a management which is called talent management. That is one of the most important reason for growing of talent management departments or companies.

Talent management has became a state of the art managerial technique. Here in Glamstr Dot Com we are providing a platform for talents related to film and cinema industry. Cinema industry or Bollywood has reached to the highest points and it is a huge group of unique talent holding people. But the best part of it is that it is always open for upcoming talents it believes in updating itself but its not that easy as it sounds it needs a proper management, what is done by us here. A huge crowd of people are having dream to be part of film industry and may be holding that talent too. We will manage their all stuff related to their talent and career. Furnishing, training and each and everything will be managed and handled by this management company. Glamstr.com is there to manage the talents of glamour world. To make raw and soft skills hard and perfect. It is a platform to help you to meet with the right opportunity according to your talent and skills.

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