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Glamstr Talent academy is a place where aspirants, students or candidates find help to recognize their hidden talent and work on it, make it perfect and presentable, get trained for a particular field to work with their talent. Academy is a learning place like as always, but learning something in what you are having interest and the talent you hold from your birth or after practice is called talent academy. Building your own talent in a updated version and make it suitable for current modern demand is done in talent academy. Talent academy is always formed for growth and betterment of a talent holders. In academy we will identify your skills, work on it and transform it in your talent. To learn best of anything you need best coaching, training, support.

A perfect talent academy should have perfect training courses, training session or classes, lectures, expert advisors according to their field specialization. Now a days talent academy has captured or you can say secured a good reputation in the market for producing and furnishing talents in the market as required.

Every field, organization, industries, enterprise need talent because they are paying or investing huge amount on this. To get good revenue with less or minimum risk they will be needing a group of talented candidates or employees. Any talent academy takes the responsibility of taking care of talent factor of industry and no doubt it is helping a lot in growth. There are many ways to discover talent and every single academy follows their own and different way to deal with it.

Glamstr dot com is available with its own talent academy specialized in required talents for glamour world and for india it is Bollywood. Bollywood is not the only but the most famous demanding platform for talents and we are here to make talented group for this industry.
Rajiv Kapoor Actor / Director

We are running one of the best talent academy in Mumbai for TV and Film industry. We are encouraging to the aspirants interested to work in TV serials and movies. Glamstr dot com is providing you the academic platform to get trained from the zero to a perfect talent holder. Here you can learn to enhance your talent to be expert of it. We will be providing you all things that can help you to lead your career in Bollywood, it can be in the courses. There are different courses provided by us for each field of this industry. We will keep you update with your talent according to the demand.

  • Dancing Skills
  • Camera Techniques
  • Acting Enhancements

today audition Glamstr dot com focuses on the current demands of talents in the industry. Current trends and styles required by various production houses, casting directors and casting agencies are our main moto because this things are giving us a proper direction and guidance to modify the talent of aspirant. Mumbai is very passionate part of glamour world and its demanding a huge group of versatile talents, glamstr dot com is providing a bridge to reach there and grab the opportunities. In our talent academy you will be trained with the matching demands of industry it will help you to drag attention of employers.

When your talent meets the opportunity is called success. But to stay prepared with the best in this competitive crowd is not that easy task, opportunities are there in the market but because of lack and weakness of skills people are not getting what they desire. Glamstr Dot Com is here to teach you, identify your weakness and work on it, update your talent with current styles and trends as required. Having a talent is like holding your own success in your hand just you don’t know the ways how to explore it. We are providing courses for acting, modeling and film making courses to lead you towards this glamour industry named Bollywood.

Your talent will be reformed and sharpen to shine and having uniqueness in Bollywood. In glamstr talent academy you will be trained from experts and professionals of the industry. Their suggestions will help you to modify yourself. A proper practical and as well as theoretical teachings are given here. Your every improvement will be done in quality with proper step by step guidance. In Bollywood the all is demanded is practical knowledge about their talent and it will be best if person has experience in that. Learning something for the sake of knowledge and learning something while practicing it is having a huge difference. Glamstr talent academy will help you to increase your knowledge in practicals.

In Mumbai we are having good contacts to work in this industry. Mumbai is a place where every third person is having a passion of acting or want to become actor and model, they want to take part in this glamour world. Glamstr talent academy is having a platform to train people according to their talent, lead them for the profile what suits to their talent. For a perfection we all need a proper training or guidance to work in any field, it is necessary everywhere. And when it comes to the Bollywood, the first thing comes is competition, to become a different and demanding person should hold some special qualities with perfection. Qualities and talents are there in the crowd but to transform it into perfection with quality is not a cup of tea for everyone. Glamstr talent academy is a perfect and complete in itself.

In todays generation that all we need is success in our goals dreams. Glamstr dot com promises to always keep your motivation high, we keep our students going, filled with meaning, happiness, excitement, and anticipation. We are a powerful force in accomplishing anything that set in their mind. Investing your time in glamstr talent academy ensures you to have benefits of hard wirk and dedication in years to come. Learning and teaching is personal in glamstr talent academy. We will help our aspirants to realize their dreams. We will be providing free guidance for upcoming auditions of actors and models in the industry to our trained aspirants.