Auditions for Lead Actress in South Indian Movie

Jan 10, 2016 at Mumbai

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Requirement: Two actress for lead role in upcoming Kannad movie.


There is an audition open for lead roles in South Indian Movie. Two lead actress are required for the movie. Candidates should be in the age of 25-28 with good and pleasant appearance. Candidates should know Kannad language very well with fluent communication and it will be better if candidates are from South Indian background. Figure should be slim according to the height. Aspirant should hold the nature of South Indian girl and screen age should be pretty young.

This South Indian Movie is going to be shot in Mumbai. Auditions and casting also will be scheduled in Mumbai only. Auditions will be started on 10th January 2017.

Project details:

For this South Indian Movie, the selected candidate will get an agreement with production company casting director directly. Shootings and shots will be scheduled to the selected candidate after agreement. Whole movie contract will be for 1 year.