Auditions for Lead Actress in Kannad Movie

Feb 1, 2016 at Bangaluru

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Requirement: Auditions open for lead female role in kannad movie with a beautiful and gorgeous look.


There is a place for lead actress in kannad movie, we are offering this chance to freshers to show their talent through this movie. Candidates should be in the age of 25-28 with good and pleasant appearance. Candidate should posses good comand over Hindi, English and Kannad Language. The lead role is with a popular South Indian Movie Star. The shooting will take place in major cities of India and might take more than 12 months to finish the shooting.

Interested candidates have to be free from any other project pr any other commitment for next 12 months. Once selected, the candidate cannot be allowed to give any dates for any other movie or shoots.

Project details:

This is a Kannad Movie to be shot in various cities of India and it has a mix of Indian History and Current Indian events. The script and other details will be discussed ony with the finally selected candidates. If interested to appear for this audition, then kindly contact the Glamstr Team for more info and application details.