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Type: Private Limited

Category: Film Production

CIN NO: U74999MH2017PTC297128



Phone No: +91 72087 34594

Domains: Hindi Films, Corporate ADs

About Us

Glamstr Production House Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, is one of the leading Production Houses working in the field of Bollywood Movie Productions and Hindi Movie Marketing and Promotions.

We believe in teamwork, hence, we have some of the best bollywood hindi film production houses in mumbai in collaboration with us. We also help in Bollywood Movie PR and how to promote a movie on social media as a Bollywood Movie Promotion Agency for Online Digital Marketing Services for Bollywood Films and Cinema.

Why Us

Glamstr Production House Pvt. Ltd. is emerging out to be one of the best and reliable brands in Hindi Film Industry. Since its inception we have successfully strategised the Production and Post Production of many of our clients and also we have successfully launched the Publicity and Advertisement of Hindi Bollywood Movies.

We are commited to on time delivery and the best results in the lowest cost possible; keeping the quality standards high for any type of Film Production or Film Marketing services.

Our Vision

We have a simple vision. Our vision is to become the number one brand in Hindi Film Industry as a Bollywood Movie Production House in coming 5 years or less. To achieve this goal, we have a team of experts coming with a vast experience of film making in India.

We are expert in Film Making, Movie Distribution and Online Digital Marketing for Hindi Films of Bollywood.

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Our Expertise

We expertise in Production, Promotion, Marketing and Business Development.

Movie Production

Glamstr Production House Pvt. Ltd. is engaged into many upcoming hindi movies in bollywood at various levels. We also specialize in commercial ADs and Corporate Video Presentations for Brand Building, Brand Promotions and Brand Development. Our production department is well equiped with right type of talent and most effective manpower. Read More..

Film Production Companies In India, Mumbai

Film Distribution

We work as a hindi film distributors based in mumbai for theatrical release, Satellite Rights, Digital Rights, Home Theater Rights and DVD Rights for any Hindi Bollywood Film. Glamstr is a fast moving name in bollywood film distributors for Hindi Cinema and Hindi Music Industry. We Launch Music Albums and distribute Hindi Film Music also. Read More..

Film Distribution Companies In India

Digital Marketing

How to promote a movie on social media is one of the most sought after question among Bollywood Film Industry. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube and Google Plus have become the most effeciant way of promotion and marketing of a film. We help you achieve the best result in least amount of time with an economical budget. Read More..

Digital Promotion,Marketing of Hindi Bollyood Movies

Glamstr E-Magazine

GLAMSTR E-Magazine is an effort to bring the right minded people together under one roof. These all people are contributing to make Bollywood better day by day. Let it be a Hindi Film Star, Bollywood Director, Musician, Singer, Dancer, Fashion Photographer, Fashion Designer or even any fresher struggler, we talk about them all through our E-Magazine for Bollywood. Read More..

Glamstr Bollywood E-Magazine Online

Glamstr TV

Glamstr TV is our initiative for YouTube based video aggregation for all our partners, clients and fellow film makers to bring maximum number of views to their online works. Be it a short film or full length movie trailors in Hindi Cinema or Bollywood film industry, Glamstr TV will showcase all the best flicks totally free of cost to their entire audiences.Read More..

Digital Promotion,Marketing of Hindi Bollyood Movies

Glamstr On Social Media

We rule the Social Media Network with Glamstr Film Production House Partners and Associates all over the Globe.

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Our Services

We cater some of the most important services needed in Hindi Film Industry and Corporate ADs Productions. The various types of services which we provide comes with high level of expertise and deep knowledge about the respective subjects.

Film Production

Hindi Films, Regional Films, Music Albums, Film post production, Location, Equipment Supply and Manpower. Read More..

Film Distribution

Theatrical Release, Satellite Rights, Online Digital Rights,Music Rights, DVD and Home Theater.

Read More..

Digital Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Online Reputation. Read More..

Castings / Auditions

Castings, Auditions, Talent Hunt, Actors, Actresses, Directors, Assistant, Technical Staff. Read More..

Talent Management

Celebrity Management, Talent Launch, Talent Hunt, Events Management, Brand Endorsements. Read More..

Acting Academy

Acting Training, Modelling Training, Free Acting orkshops, Drama Training, Plays Rehearsals. Read More..

Do You Want To Associate With Us?

Glamstr is moving fast. We are growing manyfolds with every day passing. We welcome you to join hands with us and grow together.

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Our Evolution & Group of Companies

Glamstr Production House is a brain child of Varahii. We enlist our major events of evolution here in this section.

Sep. 2017


GLAMSTR Bollywood E-Mag

GLAMSTR E-Magazine is a platform where we only talk about the developments taking shape in the Indian Film Industry. This is a peoples' magazine where everyone shares a common platform to share their knowledge and experience in film making. Explore..

Aug. 2015


Glamstr Production House Pvt. Ltd.

Glamstr emerged out of a continous proceess of Branding and Promotions for different types of clients coming to our group of companies during various business development processes; film makers being the biggest pool. Explore..

Apr. 2012

Digital Laqshya

Laqshya Infosoft LLP.

We started providing various E-Comm services to many clients. Placement and Manpower being the top pririty for us till date, we focussed on Online Commercial ways of monetising this business model and soon we excelled in this. Explore..

Apr. 2010


Laqshya Online Portal

We understood the power of internet back in the year 2000 and we implemented our expertise at the right time when Online Education was changing the system in India. Laqshya become top brand in city within the related brands.


Jan. 2006

Aviation Industry

Indian Business Charters Pvt. Ltd

Aviation is one of the top business in any country. This is a niche sector where you find very less competition. We focussed on Private Aviation Services and started dealing with Aircrafts Sales, Purchase and Leasing business. Explore..

July 2002

Varahii Founded

Varahii Consultancy & Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

Varahii was founded by Mr. Vivek Chaudhary after completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering. After graduating he persued MBA and apllied all his knowledge and efforts to launch Varahii and make it a successfull brand. Explore..

Our Powers

We had developed our skills to the core with time and this is the biggest reason for our consistant performance for our clients.



We have a 100% efficiant team working dedicately for our clients projects.



We are well equiped with the right type of Hardware and Software support.



We thrieve for On-Time delivery of any product development work undertaken.



We are in process of aquiring more offices in different parts of India.



Our In-House Training and Development is a continous process on daily basis.



We possess 100% perfection on Online Digital mediums and Social Medias.

Current Projects

Currently we are working on projects related to Bollywood Film Industry for Production, Development, Marketing, Promotions, Advertising and Digital Marketing.

Glamstr Movies 1

Aadab Arz Hai

AFPH Pvt. Ltd.

Glamstr Movies 3

Bivi O Bivi

Butterfly Movies

Glamstr Films 1


A.M. Movies [UK] LTD.

Glamstr Films 3

I Am Sorry

AFPH Pvt. Ltd.

Glamstr Hindi Movie Audition 1

Machher Jhol

Butterfly Movies

Glamstr Hindi Movie Audition 3


AFPH Pvt. Ltd.

Glamstr Hindi Film Audition 1


Arthanareeswara Media Works

Glamstr Production House Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai


Butterfly Movies

Glamstr Production House Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai

Tera Kya Hoga Lambodar

Anmol Khushi Entertainment

Glamstr Production House Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai

The Actor

AFPH Pvt. Ltd.

Bollywood Movie Auditions


Arthanareeswara Media Works

Bollywood Film Auditions

Alone Series

Glamstr Home Production

Bollywood Movie Auditions


WEDENT Pvt. Ltd.

Bollywood Movie Auditions


WEDENT Pvt. Ltd.

Bollywood Movie Auditions

Hum Bhi Agar Bachhe Hote

Harmony Pictures

Bollywood Movie Auditions


WEDENT Pvt. Ltd.

Bollywood Movie Auditions


WEDENT Pvt. Ltd.

Bollywood Movie Auditions

Something Precious

WEDENT Pvt. Ltd.

Bollywood Movie Auditions

A Night With Christopher

WEDENT Pvt. Ltd.

Bollywood Movie Auditions

Another Day In Paradise

WEDENT Pvt. Ltd.

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Our Client List

Our success is because of our clients and associates. Without their belief in us and their support, we wouldnt have reached where we are now !

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