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Glamstr Magazine covers mostly Bollywood, Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle

Glamstr Magazine is an effort to bring the most talented people in the Bollywood industry in front of the giant audience, which our web portal is getting everyday. This magazine will not only publish various informational articles but also different personalities from the related fields like Hindi Movies, Fashion and Lifestyle.

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Glamstr Magazine is more about the Glamorous people and everyone who helps in one way or the other to keep the Glamour Industry up and running from time to time. We focus on Bollywood, Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle.

What We Cover ?

Our team of experts do the research and content writing for various important informational material which can be useful for you to develop yourself in the field of Beauty and Fashion.

Important factors of our magazine

  1. Every month we showcase one expert from each category. We publish their journey to success and the readers will get a lot of learning and motivation from their short biographies.
  2. The magazine covers important movie reviews and also the commercial aspects of any movie releasing in the respective month.
  3. We publish and showcase the Fresh Faces and New Talents in the Bollywood and Fashion Industry every month. We also recommend them for the potential assignments in our contact.
  4. The magazine brings you the expert Views and Tips from the renowned doctors like Laser Skin Treatment Specialists, Dermatologists and Cosmetologists from all over India.
  5. We focus every month on the Entrepreneurs. Many people are doing wonderful works and are doing successful business in the field of Glamour and Fashion.
  6. Glamstr Magazine brings you Fresh Fashion Trends straight from the National and International Fashion Designers with the help of Full Range of Designs for the Clothing and Garment Segment.

Some Sample Pages

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We are so glad to say that the most of the Bollywood Industry personalities has welcomed our gesture to print this magazine and everyone has motivated us in such a positive manner. We heartily say thanks to all our mentors and friends who is behind our strength to bring this nice beautiful piece of work in front of you. Here are few of the precious reviews which we received from our readers.

e-Magazine Reviews

Glamstr team always comes with the best and something unique in the field of Glamour. I really liked the concept and I am with you guys with all my strength to make this magazine a success.

Shilen Raj Rathod, Creative Director.

When I first heard about Glamstr Magazine, I was like "Oh Cool" and now when you guys are out for your first print, I wish the entire team a big congrats and all the best !

Vijay Madhani, CEO - Kasturi

Freshers today really need a serious mentoring and real breaks in Acting and Modeling. With the help of Fresh Face Category I feel a lot of new faces will get a recognization in the Inudstry now.

Aparna Mendies, Actress

The concept of bringing knowledge and information out for everyone is a great idea which Glamstr is already following with the help of this E-Magazine. A lot of budding film makers might get benefited with the immense knowledge available for free of cost to every reader.

Kankana Borthakur, Singer

Health, Fitness and Beauty are in sync nowadays. Not only the high level models but also normal girls and women needs these tips in day to day life.

Smita Shah, Housewife

About The Team

Glamstr Production House Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai

Glamstr is actually a vast team of experts from various fields and are working all over India and abroad also.

Glamstr Team comprises of Actors, Singers, Directors, Photographers, Script Writers, Editors, Content Writers, Digital Experts, Doctors, Beauticians, Make Up Artists, Fashion Designers and many more.

Every team member contributes towards the development of our Information Data Warehouse. This magazine is to remind everyone of you that you can utilize this knowledge where you can shape your future in the field of Glamour and Fashion in the best possible manner.

A Glamstr Production House Pvt. Ltd. Venture

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