Vinod Pande – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Vinod Pande – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Although his romance with cinema had begun in his adolescence itself, essentially with a longing to appear as an actor on the silver screen, it was only when he was into his late twenties that Mr. Vinod Pande discovered his true calling that was behind the camera as a director.

After migrating to London as a twenty-five-year-old youth in the sixties, he had enrolled himself in various film and television courses at the City Literary Institute, which is the true sense became his alma-mater as a film student. Soon Mr. Vinod Pande also enrolled himself at the British Film Institute to studying the works of some of the world’s most iconic directors from close.

Like many others before Mr. Vinod Pande, his first brush with film direction was also as the maker of a documentary about the Indian settlers in Southall, a western suburb of London. It is a pulsating ghetto of Indians; thus the film was aptly titled as “London Mein Bharat”.

By far the most successful film of Mr. Vinod Pande has been his first feature film ‘EK BAAR PHIR’, both in terms of huge notability as well as commercial returns for the amount that was invested in its making. This film gave them a Golden Jubilee in Calcutta and Silver Jubilees even in small places like Indore and Patna, besides Mumbai (then Bombay) and Delhi. It was invited to several prestigious International film festivals besides IFFI in Bangalore as a part of the Indian Panorama. It became a kind of iconic film and several such films were launched in its wake.

Ek Baar Phir’ was shot in London and it opened a new vista for the director and became his return ticket to make more films in India and eventually settle back here. He made several films and Tv serials thereafter in India. Most celebrated have been ‘Yeh nazdeekiyan’, ‘Sach’ and ‘Sins’ (English) and the tv series ‘Air hostess’ and ‘Reporter’.

“Some six years ago I shifted gear and went into my cherished field. I began authoring novels. Two of my novels, namely, “DON’s WIFE” and “SAANVRI: the story of a concubine” are already published and my third novel “DESTINY” has just been completed and sent to publishers.” “Presently, I have become busy on three fronts. Firstly, I have already started working on my next and my most ambitious novel ‘BEYOND FRONTIERS’ which is going to be an epic saga of five generations with the backdrop of Indian diaspora… “Secondly, I am once again getting back to movies as well. Some of my former colleagues, who were trained under me, have returned and motivated me to not give up on films. With their support, I am hoping to launch soon my second film on the theme of crimes of passion. It would be titled ‘SINS 2: the story of a concubine’ and we plan to make it as a bi-lingual, in English and Hindi. And, yes it is based on my 2nd novel. “Thirdly, we are going to make at least three web-series for our own YouTube channel VPEOrg (Vinod Pande Entertainment Organisation). These are OBSESSIONS, ELEVATOR and OFFICE AFFAIRS. We have already made a short film PANAAH and launched two series namely HAR-DIL-AZEEZ and CINE-MENTOR for our channel besides a weblog DESEEMORON. He continued, “We are also launching ourselves as an aggregator-cum- release umbrella under the brand UNITED TALENTS which is an initiative of VPEOrg.” as he continued.. “Now the world is truly your oyster if you are on the threshold of entering this field. Time was never so right for the indie-filmmaker.”..

An advice from a wise person, Director Mr. Pande, for freshers who wanted to be in directing professionally. As he continues… “But be original, be daring and unclamp yourself from the dictates of commercialism and things like ‘box office’ which are, have been and will always be anathema to creativity. In the ever-expanding and ever- challenging world of internet, ‘Me too’ is dangerous, ‘Out-a-box’ is in. Now, broadcasting is passé, narrowcasting is getting to be the norm because the target audience is getting to be more and more niche.NICHE, which once upon a time was something to be avoided, is going to be a sacred word because more and more people are getting to be individualistic in their viewing habits. It is because ‘niche’ is no longer small, it is huge. When you may be the sole viewer of your show on your laptop or P.C., millions may be watching the same show at the very same time in different cities, towns, villages, and hamlets of the world on their mobiles, laptops or PCs, all by themselves. Most importantly, they may all be drawn to the show for the inherent strength of its content, irrespective of the fact that there are stars or not in it, it has jaw-dropping locations or production value in it or not… “Another, most important thing is, to try and bond with other makers. Remember bonding helps, it gives you muscle and opens more and more ideas and avenues for you. So, bond with others who are like-minded, in a form of arm’s-length syndicates. MOVE, the world is opening up for you.”

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