Vikram Sachdev – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Productions 2018

Vikram Sachdev – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Productions 2018

Vikram Sachdev is a Writer, Director, Filmmaker. He won 2 times in International Russian Literary essay competition. He was awarded ‘Premchand Sanman’ for his contribution towards Indian Literature at Prem Utsav 2016, Sathaye College, Mumbai.

Mr. Vikram Sachdev was an engineer and his passion towards learning new things couldn’t stop him even after retirement from his job at the age of 60. The following are some of his journey which could really inspire the serious youth.

(We address Glamstr Representative as GR and Mr. Vikram Sachdev as VS)

(GR) You are a writer precisely. So how this start?
(VS) It was all started from my diary. I used to write from childhood, pages after pages and when the last page remaining, then I realized that I can really pour down my thoughts and can keep writing continuously for hours. I write about spiritualism and philosophy too.

(GR) Tell us about your talent apart from being a good writer?
(VS) Well, I am a good singer too. I used to hum and sing at any time except when I write. This habit gradually made my voice strong and got a good quality of a singer. I was also fond of photography since college years but I was not able to learn it in those years as it was costly, at least for me. But then I visited Mumbai, bought photography reel at a reasonable price and made a dark room for myself to learn and for my own development. The desired of wanted to learn and the practiced what made me who I am today.

(GR) Is it because of your profession that you stay here in Mumbai?
(VS) We shifted to Mumbai for my daughter’s career, Miss Kiran Sachdev. She is a Bollywood playback singer and an International performer.

(GR) When did you start taking interest in acting?
(VS) I was an engineer in DCM group, Shri Ram Company in electricity department. I handled the lighting work of cultural function and theater play and love to watch the play. Then one day, I asked our company theater group to let me participate in plays and I was awarded and got a compliment for my best acting performance from Mr. Ravi Shankar who was the head and the judge of the play. I even used to write cultural plays and theatre plays when I was here.
I am an associate with Act Cool Atharva Film Production and also teaching the student about acting and filmmaking.

(GR) How you defined ‘Art’?
(VS) Once I tried to know about ‘ART’ from a saint, spiritualist and philosopher but I was not able to get a satisfying answer. Then I started to do research from books and compared with all circumstances included of what I heard of and from what I witnesses and from self-experience then I come to the conclusion to myself that ‘Art is a suffer of himself’.

(GR) How do you learn in FilmMaking?
(VS) Like I told you, I love to learn and explore so age doesn’t really matter to anyone who wanted to earn knowledge and explore their ability. I turned 60 in 2015 and retired from my post in Railway Civil Engineer and did a certificate course in Film Direction. I learned about editing from Youtube and all my short movies are edited by myself and most of the filmmaking techniques I learned from Youtube itself.

(GR) Are you still continuing your journal writing to date?
(VS) Yes, very much. I remember once upon a time, when I was so much involved in my journal, then one day I realized all of my colleagues already ahead of me and in better position, then I completely stopped interacted with my journal but soon enough, I felt like there is no life without my precious diary so I get back to it.

(GR) Is there any current project you are doing?
(VS) Yes, a theatre book named Lift Kara De. I completed written EMI – Evil of Loan, Maharaas – Indian Heritage, Our sweet home – Cutter of Modern Life, Jago Re – Life of Safety.

(GR) Kindly share your valuable advice for the young generation who want to be in this field?
(VS) Hard work and dedication they must have and the desired to learn and not to get distracted by any non-sense things that are happening around.

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