Vikram Naaru – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Vikram Naaru – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Vikram Naaru a writer-cum-director and a fast learner personality. Our representative thus enjoyed their short time with him in this short interview. Following are some information about him.

(We address Glamstr Representative as GR and Mr. Vikram Naaru as VN)

(GR) Tell us in short about your first project in this field?
(VN) I have first assisted a Film Director, Mr. Manoj Kumar as an Assistant Director in ‘Shirdi Ke Sai Baba’ movie. There was one time when Mr. Kumar was busy in writing a story in Urdu language, my eyes were fixed on it. When he saw me then he asked me to stop staring as I could never understand it.

From here, it strikes me then I went to learn Urdu and could not believe till this day that it took me to learn it within 15 days only. Mr. Kumar was surprised and happy for my learning ability, therefore, he appointed me as his Assistant Director for eight years.

(GR) So…any other Director, you assisted after Mr. M. Kumar?
(VN) Yes. I assisted Director Amjad Khan as Assistant Director in movies ‘Chor Police’ (1982) and ‘Waqt Batayega’, which could never be completed due to some issue. I was with him till 1984.

(GR) Then what happened after 1984?
(VN) I felt like it is time for me to develop and try on my own now. The things I had learned onset and outset, the guidance that given to me from all those people who were with me and from my assisted job were making me acquired the required knowledge in this field. Then in 1986, I started to write for my first film ‘Dosti and Deewar’ and directed it as well. Then follow by other projects.

(GR) Is there any specific project you feel close to your heart?
(VN) Ahh..yes! (smile) In 2004, I wrote and directed Bollywood movie ‘Aaj Jana hai Ke Pyaar Kya Hai’. It still remains close to my heart.

(GR) What about today, any project you are planning to go on the floor? Any specify genre?
(VN) Well, I have written and directed a short movie ‘Garv Se Kaho Hum Gande Hain’ for social message in 2017. And now I am still in the process of writing and you have to wait for it to know.

(GR) What about a cast member, anyone from the Industry cross your mind?
(VN) I was planning a movie with Salman Khan but due to certain circumstances, the idea is drop. Let see how things going on in future.

(GR) Kindly give your advice for the youth of today who want to be in this Industry?
(VN) I am happy to do that. Well, Taqdir se taqrar nahi karta, ghoote se dil ki bat karta hun magar pyar nahi karta. Dependent is a disease. Zindagi se jidd mat karo, jindagi jakham ban jayegi, Jindagi jo deti hai lelo, jindagi jannat ban jayegi.

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