Vikram Makandar – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Productions 2018

Vikram Makandar – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Productions 2018

Vikram Makandar is an actor and a great businessman. He is a man of good quality and one can stay on to listen to his story. The following interview will refresh your mind and remind you of him and what he is today.

(We address Glamstr Interviewer as GI and Mr. Vikram Makandar as VM)

(GI) How you start your journey in the film industry?
(VM) I studied in bakery confectionery and lead my father’s (Mr. Nihal Shah) business. My father used to run a bakery industry and I helped him in running it. But my passion towards film industry was taking its place day by day. Finally I got an admission in FTII, Pune for acting.

(GI) How many projects you worked in your career, can you name us a few?
(VM) I worked in 40 movies and in few Tv serial. I have worked in Patthar Ke Sanam’, Toofan, Julie, Red Indians, Bharat Ke Lal, Yadon ka Bazar, Pati Paisa Aur Pyar, Mughe Kasam Hai, Raavan, Jai Baba Amarnath, Pallvi Anu Pallvi, Bhai Akhir Bhai Hota Hai, Do Ustad, Bedard, Beta, Akhri Mujra, Dashi, Jawani Ki Bhool, Sngdil, Khoon Kharaba. Prem Jaal, Jani Dushman, Prem Bandhan, Admi Sadak Ka, Charandas, Swami Mukti, Raisjada, Fauji, Sankoch, Toofan, Ranga Khus, Call Girl, Do Chattane, Jab Andhera Hota Hai, Fir Kab Milogi, Be-imman, Patthar Ke Sanam, Sitam and Pyasi Nadi has been special for me.

(GI) What kind of business are you doing now?
(VM) I am a constructive person and in a high profile business. I was the business advisor in ‘Eastern color kodak’ in 1989-1991. Had developed a unique business concept ‘Bollywood Tours’ in which my team called to meet people and explain to them that how a Bollywood film is made. Presently I am a business advisor counselor in new projects ‘Agni Ayurvedic Spa’ in Kerala.

My passion towards film industry still very much alive and this makes me be in film production, financing, distribution, marketing and other related in filmy line. I am also involved in event management, wedding planner, building construction and financer and other high profile projects.

(GI) Do you have any upcoming project?
(VM) My upcoming project is ‘Fire Brigade’ under Vikram Production House. I am hoping people would like it and get some knowledge from this movie. It is a meaningful movie. Let’s hope for the best.

(GI) How do you find the filmmaker of today?
(VM) There is rarely any filmmaker of today who made a great meaningful movie in comparison with the filmmaker in the 50’s, 60’s like for example, the movie ‘Jagriti’ (1954), gives the patriotic thinking to us. I hope the upcoming Movie maker would come out with a sensitive topic in nearer future.
Some of the great people who were in this industry in 1950-1960, missed their golden period as they are left without being remembered. No one updated their works and today’s life. It is a bitter truth though.

(GI) Any suggestion to newcomers in this industry?
(VM) Any newcomer who wanted to come in the film industry, my advice is to secure his career first and then he can come in this field. It is a very tough competition. Once you have a career, it is easy to support yourself side by side as you are struggling to be in this field.

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