Vierendrra Lalit – Bollywood DOP Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Vierendrra Lalit – Bollywood DOP Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Mr. Vierendrra Lalit is an Indian Cinematographer and Film Director.
As a Vision Cinematography, here how he shared his thought: ‘’To Be a mindful, ruthless and efficient Storyteller. Painting with light with a blend of creative art (Images that contemplates, enhances, communicate, integrates a story) and resourcefulness. I believe in Realism. My way of lighting and seeing is real. Believe more in research, instead of core imagination. Basically, I show things as they are, with least distortions.”

And as a FilmMaker, he said further: ‘’Want to tell stories that embody timeless human values. Stories that are relevant, engaging and touching. Stories that manage to resonate with audiences domestically as well as internationally.’’

From his childhood, Mr. Vierendrra Lalit loved to tell stories and as he grew to adolescence, his initial creative leanings were towards drawing and paintings. Later while studying Arts and Philosophy, Discovery Channel made a great impact and from here he wanted to be a Documentary Film Maker.

As he continued with his Masters, Film School, Cinematography Course, Visual poetry then finally he craved to paint with light. Mr. Vierendrra Lalit then came to Mumbai, faced unusual hardships and finally joined Mr. Kabir Lal, assisted in films like Taal, Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hai, Hamara Dil aapke Paas Hai, Khauff, Prem Aggan and many others.

He also assisted Mr. Johny Lal in the film Mujhe Kuch Kehna Hai and continue to assist for about three and half years and engaged himself doing independent projects and learning practicals. He has shot 23 Feature Films, 700 Ad Films, 150 music videos, 125 Documentaries, 12 Serials, 110 Corporates and hundreds of other media works.

Till date, he shot 9 Malaysian feature films, recent being I AM NOT A TERRORIST, 6 Telugu Films and so on. In Hindi, his last release was, AISA YEH J AHAAN, which won numerous awards internationally. Mr. Vierendrra was busier in foreign countries and in Art cinema for creative satisfaction, “I crave for Experimental Art Cinema. I want to tell stories, the way I want to. So for the last two years, I have started Directing also. One Film titled, ‘TO B OR NOT TO B’ is complete and ready for release. Another film titled, ‘The Message’ is on floor and others in the pipeline.

Talking about today’s generation of upcoming cinematographers, Mr. Vierendrra Lalit advice them to be themselves. With the numerous sources, they can experience with numerous gadgets and find their own style, own way, and tell a story like a visual psychiatrist. He said it right about engaging the audience which is even more important today, with changing habits and viewing patterns. “Everything is possible. It really comes down to your ability to tell stories and that’s exciting. Technology has empowered us to be able to tell visual stories and reach the world with them.”, said Mr. Vierendrra Lalit.

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