Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2018 – KIRA – The Return Of The UNKNOWN

Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2018 – KIRA – The Return Of The UNKNOWN

What do we expect from new movies?

The content of any new Movie and Upcoming Bollywood Movies 2018 should be completely different from any other movies with different concept and perspective having a creative idea that is very much original with a unique quality that can draw out any genre into a fine art and that is what exactly we are doing.

Your waiting time is worth enough as we are here to give you the surprise you wanted. The craving for new movies would perfectly satisfy you more than you expected.

Now, are you ready to get goosebumps over and over again? If so, this is the perfect movie for you. Hold on tight and be ready for the mysterious KIRA.

GLAMSTR PRODUCTION HOUSE PVT LTD will present its first Thriller movie – KIRATHE RETURN OF THE UNKNOWN. The first of its kind in INDIA blending in HOLLYWOOD style and shooting will be happening in INDIA itself.

The quality, the subject, the content, the entire sequence, are connected in unexpected manners and give excellent results that will engage you the audience till the end of our movie.

GLAMSTR PRODUCTION HOUSE PVT LTD is proud to have an honest, sincere and hardworking team who give their best at works. When you have this kind of team, be it anywhere, at any time in everything, you will surely get a brilliant result.

Soon we are going to give you KIRA, hate it or love it but one thing for sure, you have to hold on tight because you are surely going to experience this for the first time in BOLLYWOOD history.

Henceforth, it is important to take a note for those who have a weak heart is advice to not get involved in watching this movie.

The hunt begins.

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