Short Films Hindi 2018 | PAASH / पाश /  (the LOOP)

PAASH / पाश /  (the LOOP)

PAASH ( पाश ) is a short horror movie under Short Films Hindi Category, which has a twist ending and would surely leave you in suspension. This is the beauty of making a movie – to make the audience stop for a while and take one step backward and think what they just see and analyze the situation.

Paash ( पाश )is going to be one of its kind short movie in Horror Category. It is a masterpiece which is used with a high level of camera techniques and effective background score. The makers are focusing on showcasing their technical team’s talent along with the best possible screenplay and acting skills.

If you go deeper into this movie, it would trigger your mind with a lot of questions. It is not just a movie story but it also speaks about real life where we are getting stuck at some unwanted mess.

Are we into this unwanted mess? Do we get trap in it and what if we get stuck in it forever?

This short film is about being alert and stay aware of our surrounding before you get stuck forever.

Back to this movie under Short Films Hindi Category :-

PAASH ( पाश ) . As mentioned earlier that it is a short horror movie, by GLAMSTR PRODUCTION HOUSE PVT. LTD. and the team are always on their best to give a good shot in any project they are doing.

The makers are not going to use any kind of special effects or any type of VFX or Animation. The movie is purely shot in the real location with real look and feel of the surroundings and the actors’ reactions.

So, stay tuned for our updates and your wait is not going to last long.

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