Sanjeev Kamal Julka – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Productions 2018

Sanjeev Kamal Julka – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Productions 2018

Sanjeev Kamal Julka is a jolly person, love to deliver his speech in style. People called him, Peter Sellers (Hollywood actor) or Dev Anand (Bollywood actor) for his similar looks and action. The following short interview will let you know him better.

(We address Glamstr Representative as GR and Mr. Sanjeev Kamal Julka as SJ)

(GR) What makes you come in filmmaking when you are a CA?

(SJ) Wherever you are, I believe nothing is impossible in this world to do what you love. It is hard sometimes to achieve what you dream of but all you need is to get connect with right people and make sure your dream is true. Well, coming to the point. I sing, dance, act and direct. And nothing makes me more excited about acting and directing.

(GR) How you acquired all these skills?

(SJ) I am from a multi-talented family where we have an in-house singer and dancer. Besides my father was a theatre artist, Om Prakash Julka. He used to assist a famous actor, Prithvi Raj Kapoor. Because of my family, I was born a natural talent.

(GR) So how many projects you have directed?

(SJ) I have directed Tv series such as ‘Aakhir Kaun’ for Doordarshan and written ‘Command Force’ for DD National and other projects.

(GR) How you connect people with your institute?

(SJ) Like I said, I am a natural artist and acting is in my blood. ‘Creating Stars’ institute is only for serious people who really wanted to learn acting. I am forever ready to help anyone who wanted to come in this field. But only if they show their seriousness, them I am giving my 100% and see how to mould and perfect them. Hard work is really needed in this field, Ye ishq nahi aasan.

(GR) What kind of project are you interested in?

(SJ) I love to write and direct suspense story, intelligently based projects, and the neat and clean comedy movies.

(GR) What about your upcoming project?

(SJ) I have two upcoming projects, a Marathi movie and a web series (name not disclosed).

(GR) What would you advice the fresher in this field?

(SJ) Everyone wanted to be in this glamour industry but one should know the only hard-working person will survive. Hard work is needed without any short-cut method. Thereafter, the most important thing to have before entering in this industry is to be an educated person.

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