Sakshi Thakur – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Sakshi Thakur – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Sakshi Thakur is a producer-cum-director, born and brought up in Varanasi. Being a classical singer and dancer, she is also a film editor herself.

Mrs. Sakshi Thakur got into filmmaking in 1996 as a producer in a Hindi feature film ‘Shohrat’ then went into direction and directed more than 100 ads for the Corporate sector and for the Government. She clearly said that to be in the film industry, “one must be aware the kind of struggle you will have to face in it. Nothing comes easy, decide wisely and be professional in works with hard work side by side”.

Mrs. Sakshi Thakur upcoming Marathi movie is ‘BHANNAT’. It is a comedy movie having a social message. Casting: Sachin Matre, Mahesh Bane, Anuj Wahi, Rajendra Jadhav, Jaljeevani. Rajendra Rawat is a producer of this movie. He was a journalist and had experience seven years and he is now a film producer, a financier, and a constructor. His project: Faqt Tujhyach Sathi (2016). Upcoming projects: Always for you, Wo Zinda Hai, Nine Months and Bhannat.

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