Sagar Sarhadi – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Sagar Sarhadi – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Sagar Sarhadi is a name which is behind of the most Hit Films of the 80s and 90s. His screenplays in ‘Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai’, ‘Chandan’, ‘Karobar’, ‘Rang’, ‘Deevana’, ‘Fasale’, ‘Lorie’ and other movies make a mark in Indian cinema.

He won Filmfare award for best screenplay in ‘Kabhie Kabhie’ (1976) and nominated for Best Dialogue in ‘Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai’ (2000). He is a legend in his own way when it’s a matter of storytelling and concepts creation for Hindi Films.

Over a cup of coffee, Glamstr representatives, Mr. Vijay and Mr. Kashinath were excited to sit across with a Living Legend, Mr. Sagar Sarhadi and know about him better. Mr. Sagar Sarhadi is already a person who has so much love in him and expressed it in his films and in his books.

Mr. Sagar started as a theater play writer and then later gave life to Bollywood with his best screenplay and gradually challenges himself into movie producer and into direction. His first movie was a great hit in cinema, ‘Bazaar’ which gives him another credit as a director followed by another successful movie, ‘Agla Mausam’, ’Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasan’. These films led Indian film culture to the top.

No doubt that writing is in his blood and till this date, he spent 12 hours per day to read and write. “Today is not cinema period, it is a competition period for Film lovers and creativity is nowhere to be found and in other words, Creativity is lost”. Mr. Sagar shared his thought… As he sighed and continued, “Today is electronic gadgets world and books have no value at all.” He is deeply hurt to see time changes just in a blink of an eye and he recalled how the librarian rejected to take his 400 books since nobody really having any interested in books nowadays. And when talking about his current activities, then we came to know that Mr. Sagar is very much in love with theater till date and continuously writing theater plays. 20 of his books already published and others are stack up in his cupboard and nothing could stop him from this thing he loves. ‘Raj Darbar’ is another theater playbook which is to be released soon and now he pens down a story ‘Bajar Ab Ek Kitab’ after his ‘Jeevjanawar’ book.

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