Requirement of Artist and Technical Staff for You Tube Web series

Reynolds production house requires Artists and Technical staffs

For YouTube web series, the Reynolds Production House requires artists and technical staffs.


Artists for Lead Role – 1 Male and 1 Female.

Technical staffs – Story writer, Screenplay, Dialogues and Direction, Director of photography, Film editor, Music & Sound, Visual effects editor, Costume & makeup, Associate Director, Assistant Director, Casting Director.


Reynolds production house is planning to create a crew to collaborate YouTube web series. We want to have the talented group of people to develop any particular web series. To make it qualitative and productive, united group members are very much essential. Every single person who is taking part in the production should be equally able to give best.

We need every category and character who is having qualities as given below for that particular work profile.



A person should be aware of basic acting rules and techniques. Must be able to change his nature according to the character role. His height should be 5.3’ to 5.6’. The person should know Hindi and English very well with fluent communication skills.


Female must have soft nature and friendly with everyone. Her age must be between 20-25, height 5.1’ to 5.4’. She should have long black hair, slim figure and pleasant personality that suit to every role.

Story writer:

For a writer, words matter a lot. A writer should be able to think what his/her writing will teach to the audience. It should be perfectly clear to whom or what kind of people he/she wants to address the story. His/her moral should be clear that general people can understand. Emotions used in the story should affect to the audience in a negative way. The crowd appreciates quality. Using rich quality of words to make the story more worthy.

Screenplay writer:

We need a writer who can write for the screenplay of any film, video or program. Expressions, dialogues, movements, and actions everything should be perfectly narrated for the particular character of the play. Every story cannot be converted to film, video or a play. The writer should be highly talented to do that so.

Dialogues and Directions:

Dialogue is what actors say. In any film, program or play dialogues are the only things which are mostly remembered by the audience for a long time and it helps to make the character popular. This is what indirectly leads to the success of the play. And directions given to the actors to separate dialogues is an art to get done things swimmingly.

Director of photography:

Photography is one of the most important parts to lead success of film or video. Director of photography or Cinematographer must be able to make qualitative decisions for a particular image and should have a great hold on his/her crew to make good artistic and technical decisions.


Editors of images and videos should be well qualified and have practiced in this stream. A person should have confidence about final decision and his/her editing should be helpful to make the stuff more impressive and attractive.

Music and Sound:

The created Music and Sound effects should be always acceptable by a rational human mind. Music and Sound is one of the most important parts of any video and film to maintain the interest of the audience and to make it more interesting for them. Music is the better half of video, so it should be always perfect and clear from every aspect.

Executive producer:

Executive producer is the person who brings his/her particular, individual skills to the demanding role. He/she is also known as Director because he/she actually executes and edits the things and stuffs prepared for a scene or video.

Visual effects:

Visual effects (VFX) is computer generated imagery that is dangerous, expensive, impractical to capture on camera but it looks realistic on screen. It is not that easy task it needs a huge experience and perfect presence of mind to make it more realistic and effective on people. We need properly trained and experienced person for this job. There is also a need of assistance who is the VFX assistant and parallelable to make the decision for particular things.

Costume and Make- up:

Costume and Makeup is one the most important tool to drag attention and tattoo the character role of Artist in the mind of Audience. Perfect dressed character according to the role creates more interest in the audience and forces them to watch till it ends.

Associate and Assistance Director:

Director is the executive on a very basic level. But the base makes the further things strong. We require a qualified and certified director with a positive attitude. The Associate Director will be reporting to the chief director and Assistant director will be working for the director directly.


All above talents will go waste if everything is not casting in a proper and exact way. Casting director and team bring all things together and make it visible on the screen. Casting is most important for screening purpose of actors. A qualitative choice is very much important to make any particular film or video most viewed and it is possible with casting.

Project details:

Reynolds production house is willing to have its own talented team to work with unity and bring success for every team member.  Auditions for all above requirements will start from 2nd February 2017. Auditions will be in Mumbai only. Every member will have to sign a contract. This states that the particular concern person will not work for any other production team in the industry when their own projects are going on.

Further pieces of information and details will be informed after the selection.

Application Process :

  1. Send application by E-Mail to
  2. Professional Portfolio is a must.
  3. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a live audition at Andheri Studio.
  4. The final date of shooting will be mentioned only after the Audition.

Important Note :

  1. This selection procedure is fully controlled and managed by Glamstr Production House Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
  2. No registration fees for the auditions and applications. If any candidate is applying through agents then kindly check the authorization letters from such agents before applying through them.
  3. This offer stands valid for few more opportunities through our company. The candidates applying for this opportunity need not fill the separate form for any such information coming from our official portal.


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