Priyanka Biswas – Fashion Designer Info – Glamstr Productions 2018

Priyanka Biswas – Fashion Designer Info – Glamstr Productions 2018

Today we caught up with miss Priyanka Biswas, the Fashion Designer, and a Fashion Stylist. The following will let you know how strong is she.

(We address Glamstr Interviewer as GI and Ms. Priyanka Biswas as PB)

(GI) What made you choose this excited creative field (fashion designer)?

(PB) While I was into my graduation, I got an interest in the fashion field and then I decided to be a fashion designer. It is to me like a dream come true when I finally got into this field. My family background is very different from this field so I didn’t know exactly about the fashion world but that was where my heart belongs to of what I felt too and deep down I knew I have the thing in me and I just have to explore it so after graduation I completed my fashion designing from Mumbai INIFD and started working 2 years back.

(GI) How was your first experience?

(PB) I was waited for almost one and a half month after being interviewed at many places, then finally I got a job offer as a designer in an export company and the other day I got another job offer as stylish. Stylist to me is much more glamorous than the other jobs and took the stylist job and worked in a home shopping channel in Mumbai. It was all very new to me, for the first time I came across to the shooting line, like how the shows or advertisement are being shot or how the photo shoots are done. My work profile was to take the brief from show producer. I got to know there are a lot of people involved in this half an hour shoot, such as starting from camera team, art team, makeup, costumes and the director. I was new and have to struggle more than anybody and most of the time I spent an extra time in order to complete my subordinate task as well. There was a time when I worked for 15 to 16 hrs a day, at that time I didn’t know what was good in that, but now when looking back I can see that I am ready to work beyond limits and still manage to come next day with same zeal.

(GI) How would you define styling?

(PB) I actually got an opportunity to go to London for a short-term course in styling under stylist Joseph Toronko, as a designer I am very much found of Alexander Macqueen. Styling showed me a whole different world of fashion. Styling is a lot different from fashion designing. So, styling according to me is where you already have been provided clothes by designers (thanks to them), we take the clothes from different brands, designers or streets and put it together according to the trends, which can be done for anyone. There is no limit to be stylish. Making a style statement boosts your confidence and when you’re dressed well, it speaks for you. It also includes good footwears and handbags in the coordination of your outfit and also accessories if you want.

(GI) Then what is fashion designing according to you?

(PB) For some people, it might be just clothes, but for me, it’s an art whether you are designing clothes or styling it. There is a difference. Designing is creating something from fabrics by your inspiration and imagination which shows your real character and the kind of person you are. You can talk through your designs whether it is traditional or moderate, printed or planned, solid or pastels, all the kind of silhouettes, necklines etc. Its show what you can’t describe in words, you can create it with fabrics.

(GI) Did you face any hurdles in your career?

(PB) I am a hard working person and give my best to every work I was assigned to. There was a time when I was given 4 projects by my boss (name not disclosed) who was also my good friend. After working honestly and completed all the projects on time, yet he was not ready to pay me and at this moment I was broke completely. Think if you are given a lot of time and energy to a project and when you are not awarded for your work, I am sure you will lose yourself just like I went through. So from here, I went back to my hometown to recover from the pain and shock I went through. I just could not believe how he turns out to be a fraud. Staying in my hometown made me realized that it’s not about the job but the passion I am towards it. That was the time I got inspired by the work I have been doing and I wanted to continue it again. I never enjoyed anything else rather than being a part of fashion industry. So I had to come back and now I work for a company which handles different projects. As I am kind of having an experienced, I get a liberty to open up about my opinions and makes people change their mind about style. Well, that’s how a stylist works, there is a lot of things I will be learning in my journey ahead.

(GI) What are your further plans?

(PB) I am looking forward to working with my current company for some period of time as I got so much more to learn. After being perfect enough, I will start my own boutique in my hometown. I wanted people to be aware of fashion so that they can come to the big cities without being nervous about the knowledge in fashion.

(GI) What would be your advice to aspiring fashion designer?

(PB) One should always appreciate learning new things whether it comes from junior or senior. I learned many things in my journey and I believe if you are good to people, it will come back to you in one way or the other. You have to be confident from inside as it also reflects you from the outside.

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