Nitin Rana – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Nitin Rana – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Mr. Nitin Rana, an Associate Director, a man who stands strong on his duties and responsibilities (right from the very first time he set foot in this field). The following short interview will make you understand more about Mr. Nitin Rana and his works.

(We address Glamstr Representative as GR and Mr. Nitin Rana as NR)

(GR) Tell us in brief about your journey in this field?

(NR) I work as an Associate Director in filmmaking with almost 10 years of experience and 14 films. I will always remember my first time working on set and the memories of shooting on the road of Ballard pier with Arbaaz Khan & Kay Kay Menon still fresh. The smell of the dust burning on the lights the AD’s running around with their walkie-talkies, the 1st AD’s voice, the Director pacing back and forth between the shots & the energy on the sets and so on…. And I still remember how I landed this job. I had left my home with few bucks in my pocket to pursue what I wanted to…Filmmaking. Exactly 10 years back in 2005, I had zero experience in filmmaking and zero money too.

The director (identity hidden) was not ready to take me as I was a fresher and he already has an experienced team with him and could not afford to waste time and energy on me. But I insisted him to take me to his team as I have a fire in me to learn and I asked him to give me a chance and will never let him down else he can kick me anytime if I failed to perform at the very beginning. So the director asked me when can I join him, I instantly replied, “Now”. I was ready to face the hurdles and soon enough it started to appear in one form or the other but I never lose my focus on my goals. The dedication I was giving to my assigned works with a great amount of patience and hard works made me see this future in today.

(GR) Kindly share with us the experience of your successful project?

(NR) I am very much happy to. I have given all my heart and soul to all the films I have worked on till now. But you cannot love your 1st child more than your second one or vice versa. But this film is the one who made me who I am today. I was away from home for almost a year. This film was for NFDC, a small film and small unit with people doing multitasking so we can work with a small crew and explore more of us. The film was called ‘The good road’ and it was a regional film in Gujarati. This film was shot entirely on the highway and with 90 % street casting. I was the casting director, production manager, 1st ad and I even operated film camera for the first time.

It was the story of the truck driver. I used to take a lift from truck drivers, Thane to Ahmedabad and take their interview and audition through my hidden camera so they can talk freely to me without being conscious. I slept on roads, roadside Dhabas, even on the roof of the truck sharing the same trampoline with the truck driver. Ate and drank with them. It was fun. After meeting 30 truck drivers, we finalized 3 of them. We even took interviews of prostitutes, Dhaba owners and the beautiful Rabari’s & Jath communities. These communities are very rich in folk and culture.

While filming, I have explored the different aspect of filmmaking. The cinematographer Amitabh Singh even asked me to shoot through his camera while he drives the follow car. He was impressed and shocked at the footage on a clamshell and asked me to shoot the action sequence handheld and I passed this test too. So the film got released in India and even went to Oscars after winning the National Award. I was on cloud nine. It was a feeling I can’t express in words.

(GR) So how you train yourself to be perfect in this field?

(NR) I mostly learned things by myself, things where no people in this field can teach in depth. In my free time, I utilized my time to the max by learning movie making from youtube. My keen interest in this field made me keep all my six sense awake all the time and this is my way of learning. Being an assistant director is not easy work and mistakes can be made. Making mistakes is part of the job but that being said; learning from your mistakes is one of the most important parts of any job. Everyone makes mistakes but not everyone owns them, be the kind of person that owns up to a mistake and then don’t do it again. A good attitude will go a long way in this business.
Being an AD is not an easy career path, especially at the beginning. No matter how amazing you are, the fact is people won’t appreciate your work right away, you will be undervalued, and you won’t have the best contacts in the world right away. That’s okay though as long as you just stick with it.

(GR) Do you train anyone in this field?

(NR) Yes, I have trained more than 45-50 a.d’s under me. The only thing to do with good knowledge is to pass it on, It is never of any use to oneself. Knowledge must be spread. I came naked from mother womb and I will be naked when I will leave this planet earth. So I don’t hesitate to spread knowledge and love. I am not endorsing the practice of exploiting people for their labor. Yet, I support people making the choice of using their labor with the right people & technicians.

(GR) Can you share your experience in your upcoming movie?

(NR) ‘FryDay’ was shot in Delhi starring Govinda (his comeback) and Varun Sharma (chucha of Fukrey) and other theatre actors. It was a start to end schedule of 33 days with just 2 breaks. We use to report on set every day at 6:30 am. It was really fun shooting in the cold weather of Delhi. 70% of the film was in on the new house and rest 30% was in multiple locations.
Believe me, it was an awesome experience shooting with both the main boys. Chichi bhaiya aka Govinda sir takes the scene to some different level. He has been always inspiring and pumping energies to the unit. I guess he is the real jumping jack of our time, people will love to watch him in this film. This will be an entertaining film for the whole family. On the other hand, Varun Sharma who is also coming up with ‘Fukrey part 2’, is really a gem person. Too sweet to resist, haven’t worked with such nice soul ever and always on time. He used to help the direction department to silence the crowd or even give film clap if it’s impossible for an AD to stand between the actors for the clap. He does the job like a pro. It takes just 5 minutes to read the lengthy dialogue. He never complains and he is a charmer on set. Hopefully, this movie will be able to release by mid-March. I am hoping by 2018, I will be able to do my debut by God’s grace.

(GR) Kindly share your advice to the aspiring actors and filmmakers.

(NR) If you want to keep working, you need to develop relationships with the colleagues and producers and other filmmakers that you work with. You have to be very humble & respect everyone around be it junior or senior.

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