Marathi Film Distribution for Theaters in India

Marathi Film Distribution for Theaters in India

Why Marathi Cinemas and Marathi Film Distribution are suffering ?


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Following are the few reasons where you can simply understand:

Low Cost Power: Neither the actors nor the technicians on a Marathi film go for a huge amount of fees. The plus point is that the entire team are themselves going out to promote their films without any demands.

Budget: Marathi film industry is also popular because it always manages to save on its budget. Marathi films are mostly shot in one schedule. A Marathi filmmaker saves a lot more than a Hindi film producer would have to pay to shoot in Film City, Mumbai.

Government grants: With the State government grant, Marathi cinema and Marathi Film Distribution do not have to worry much as it allows the producer to recover a part of his investment upon the release of the film.

Revenue model: From a business point of view, Marathi film seems sound with the revenue model of recovery. Theater release revenues combined with the satellite sales and the government subsidy is helpful. This means the producer negates losses to an extent if any.

So is this the golden period for Marathi cinema? The renaissance everyone’s been talking about?

The obvious answer would be, “Yes”.

But Movie distribution process in India is not an easy task for the movie distributors. Hard work requires with a lot of skills and techniques that pays for any film distributor. So on the ground, the situation is far from ideal. However, the Marathi film industry is still full of problems too. Let’s look at some of them:


One or two independent distributors controls the process of film distribution. Often a single movie distributor for theaters ends up exhibiting up to five films on the same release day. The end result is that not all films are on equal or similar weight of benefit.

Satellite rights

The satellite sale of a Marathi film is one of the biggest sources of revenue for a producer. However, hampers began ever since Studios that also own channels have ventured into production of Marathi films. So, the ones made by independent producers have regularly been sidelined at alarming rates. This often leads to producers becoming careful of funding projects.

Monopoly of channels

Actually less than ten out of two hundred films being made each year make profits. So, if your movie doesn’t get the backing of the studio, chances of recovery are even lesser than one percent. To make matters worse, the channels have also started charging a premium amount for publicizing the film on their respective networks.

Paid media

Paid media is really hampering the independent scene of Marathi Film Distribution as the makers are almost forced to spend on each of the Marathi newspapers. A producer is literally arm twisted into spending big amount on print media to ensure the film reaches its target audience.

An independent filmmaker is held at ransom at every point of his film (even after it’s made and ready, which is another roller coaster ride unto itself). He can just wait and hope that the distribution of his film will be on par with the films produced by studios. That success of his film will get him a decent satellite price.

But hope is still alive

Every now and then there are films that still stands because they have a ‘success story’. Also, because committed producers have stood firmly behind the product even without the backing of a ‘big studio’. Ironically back home, some of the successful films in theaters did not make money at the box office and still doesn’t have a satellite buyer.

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To sell you movie or exhibit please contact us here :  Movie Distribution in India

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