Kaushal Agnihotri – Bollywood Director-Actor Info – Glamstr 2018

Kaushal Agnihotri – Bollywood Director-Actor Info – Glamstr 2018

Kaushal Agnihotri is a Senior Network Engineer at IT company, Actor cum Producer. Success or failure has never really affected his works. The moment he appears on the screen, he simply charms his audiences with his charisma. Kaushal Agnihotri belongs to Ajmer, Rajasthan. After completed his graduation, he came to Mumbai for acting and he did theatre plays and ads.

After struggling one year in Mumbai into the film industry, he moved to Bangalore and joined IT company. While doing the job in Bangalore, he did modeling shows and got BEST MR. ATTITUDE award. Recently he has acted and produced two movies (Tamil movie “Virugam” and Hindi movie “O+”).

Kaushal’s message – “There is so much of time, interest and effort put into a film and in one day it’s discarded. When a film does not do well, a lot of people lose money. And the next film carries the burden of the previous one. Three to four such films and you’re out. It is bad for the industry. It demoralizes everyone. Some people get happy when somebody’s film does not do well. They are like bahut udd raha tha, Chalo accha hai, upar waale ki laathi… But I hate it when someone’s movie doesn’t do well. Because not only him… the whole staff, the unit, his family, the exhibitors, the theatre owners, his fans his entire life gets affected. You can’t wish bad for someone’s life.

Upcoming movie: O+ Story line : This Romantic Suspense Thriller from the Director of Simply Ek Love Story (2014) MURALI PRASAD and Produced by CINEMAN CREATIONS is set in the three states of Love which is in different couples from different states . The Story goes simultaneously of the three different story from one conversation of police investigation. The main plot of the story is revenge. It is about the young generations, how they spoil their life by involving in the stupid bad love and disrespecting the traditions and origins of India.

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