Hemant Pradeep – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Productions 2018

Hemant Pradeep – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Productions 2018

With more than 25 years of experience in this Industry, Hemant Pradeep was a lecturer in Psychology before starting in film industry.

When he first started his career in the field, he was struggling to be an actor for continuously 6 months. But he never really got a break. He has dramatic experiences.

Hemant met many people in the industry when he visiting big production houses. All were nice to him but none could actually provide him work. So he remained jobless for the time being.

Then one day, he decided to direct. So he seeks an opportunity to learn from his brother who is already working in production houses. His brother told him that it was not easy and he has to start from a scratch. Then delicately he works hard and learned from the very beginning about directing.

While being with the cameraman all the time whenever there was shooting, he learned bit by bit. And because he is sincere with his work, he even learned to edit just in 6-7 months. He always gets a chance to learn by being with the editor at night.

Then when he was fully ready to direct, he was given a chance to direct a serial (Game show). He also worked with Balaji for almost 3 years. So he had directed almost 11-12 serials.

The first ever movie he actually directed was Mmirsa, which was released last year. Now he is way working on two other movies – A Punjabi and a Haryana Film.

There is a tough competition in this generation. So, I would like to advise the young talented aspirants to work hard. Do not depend on the easy way that technology brings to use. But, instead, try to use the maximum ideas from yourself and minimum help from technologies. This will enhance your skills and ability. I, personally feel that film cinema is a history, so, make your own history.” – Hemant Pradeep

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