Harish Shah – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Harish Shah – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

When Harish Shah first came from his town, he saw a dream to become a film producer/director. So he decided to come to Mumbai and joined college, but his heart was in films. So he left studies and joined a magazine, became a journo, then a PRO in films and got an opportunity to become a producer and jumped on it, worked hard. It took him 4 years to complete his first film,’dil aur mohabbat‘ in which Harish Shah lost money but got the experience of filmmaking. Then signed Rajesh Khanna and he became a superstar and his career was made ‘Mere jeevan sathi‘ which had super hit music and his life was made.

His biggest hit was Kala Sona with Feroze Khan and Parvin Babi, Hotel a horror movie with Rakesh Roshan, Zalzala with Dharmendra, Shatru, Danny etc

Harish Shah has not made any movie after Jaal the trap with Sunny deol and Tabbu from 2003 as he lost heavily in that film and could not get any star. In 2008 he got throat cancer and lost his voice box but worked hard for 2 years on speech therapy and started speaking but could not do any work, though written many scripts! This May 2017 he made a short film of 30 minutes on cancer and himself, ‘ Why me? – In this l have acted as the main protagonist’ – Harish Shah stated. In this film, he has shown how much he suffered and how he fought to rise again. This film he sent to various world festivals and won 10 awards so far. People have cried and loved this film, it’s very emotional.

His advice to budding directors, “Well buddies follow your heart, it is ideas on which we make films, the direction has no fixed method, do what your intuition says, do justice to the subject and make a good script. Director has to work in all departments so he must have a vision, just follow that vision, good luck is also needed to have it.”

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