Top 10 Tips for Effective Body Languages and Communication Skills

Top 10 Tips for Effective Body Languages and Communication Skills

Have you ever come across a situation where you aren’t sure what the other person was saying because of his/her verbal that doesn’t seem to match with the non-verbal (body languages)?

Effective Body language sometimes speaks louder than words and are much more effective if one really knows how to present themselves. Only when you develop your body languages then you can also notice and be aware of others’ signs and signals of body languages.

A good body languages is as important as having a good communication skills. When you meet any person for the first time, what do you notice in them or what attracted you? Is it the body languages or the communication skills they have.

Glamstr brings the top 10 tips you can  follow for effective body language and better communication skills.

1. Carry yourself properly from the very initial stage::

They say ‘the first impression is the last’ so the way you carry yourself should always be attractive. Learn how to present yourself and by seeing how others carry themselves in a proper way and Effective Body language. Seek good habits from people around you.

2. Always Smile:

Smiling is the best way to show that you are nice, you are interested and you are not rude. But this doesn’t mean you have to keep smiling unnecessarily. It always depends on the time, the situation and the mood of the people in front of you.

3. Good Handshake for Effective Body language:

A good firm handshake speaks a lot. It creates a feeling of ‘yes you are interested or yes you are capable of doing things’. Handshake is one part of the body languages you are using and handshake also act as a communication tool. So learn the different ways of how to shake your hands, to whom and when is required.

4. Do not interrupt:

Always think before you speak and do not ever deviate or interrupt the other person while he/she is speaking. Learn the habits of how to be a good listener. A good listener can also become a good speaker so until he listens, he cannot speak of what exactly the demand of the talks. Don’t evade any topic you are asked. Answer the best possible way you can to make the other person feel your confidence level by Effective Body language.

5. Use hands to improve your speech:

It is not always likely that people only talk with their mouth and no body movement at all. Hands are useful for a better speech because they can make the other person’s attention stick on you. The more you are able to use your hands in an appropriate manner, the better it creates for understanding the topic.

6.  Maintain eye contact:

Always try to maintain a good and positive eye contact with the important people. Look straight into their eyes while listening to them and even when you are talking back, you should still maintain that positive eye contact. It is also a part of a body language and also it acts as a communicative tool as we know the eyes speak a hundred words when the mouth can’t express each and everything.

7. Eliminate nervousness:

It is quite obvious that we all get nervous about one or the other thing around us. We have our own reasons to feel nervous. But when it comes to dealing with real life situations, we must eradicate nervousness as it hinders our growth in well being. When we are nervous, it always shows to the other person by our body languages as our hands or our legs will move unnecessarily. We also tend to forget speeches what we were about to say. So, try to be always confident in yourself and do not be nervous at all in any situation.

8. Be ready for a NO:

Even when you think you really did your best at how to present yourself with good body languages and effective communication skills, yet you will still sometimes get a ‘NO’ but do not let this disappoint you, do not let it make you feel bad. Instead, keep smiling with a positive attitude and accept the fact that you still lack in something and need to learn and improve yourself so you can grow better.

9. Be Respectful:

.Always be helpful and kind to a person. For instance; give a good response or reply back with a smile to him/her by showing that you can understand what they mean and what they want and give them things they wanted to hear and know from you.. When you show you are not irritated with what they say or ask then this creates a feeling in them that you respect them and in turn automatically they will respect you back.

10. Avoid Domination:

Introverts are often dominated by extroverts. If you are an extrovert, do not dominate anybody at any point of time as they will feel that you are trying to make their life uneasy. Plus this creates an image of you that they don’t like and might even have negative thoughts about you always in future. Give a pause or a break, give the other person time to take a breath and let them gather their thoughts and express in what they could. If you are an introvert, do not get nervous or out of words, just think deep and speak confidently with clarity. 

We hope the above-mentioned Tips for an effective Body Language takes you towards a successful career growth.

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