Dinesh Singh – Bollywood DOP Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Dinesh Singh – Bollywood DOP Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Dinesh Singh is a Bollywood DOP (Director of Photography), born on 6th January 1966 in village Milki, district Jehanabad, Bihar. He then left his studies and came to Mumbai in 1983 for a job.

Over a cup of sweet lemon tea, Glamstr representatives, Mr. Kashinath, Mr. Vijay and Ms. Deepali took an interview of Mr. Dinesh Singh. They all had a great time interacted with this DOP. His journey to this field is really amazing. He is one among the few lucky people who don’t have to struggle at all to be where he is today.

Mr. Dinesh, due to certain family issued, he left home secretly and just got on a train without any knowledge where the train would halt. So he was in Mumbai, lost and not known what to do next. It was here when he was found by Mr. Raju who helped him work at his canteen. Then one day, Mr. Devi Singh gave him a job as spot boy in Bhojpuri filmSenurwa bhail Muhaal’. It was from here his career started.

He never really planned to be in this industry but luck knows its ways in him. Soon, Mr. Dinesh was given as light and camera attendant job by Mr. Anil Mittal at Yashraj Production House. Here he learns about camera knowledge. He has one attitude in him and i.e if others can do it, why not him.

Since he was sincere and honest at his works, (Late) Mr. Ravi Chouhan assigned Mr. Dinesh as his personal lightman and worked together for 7 years till the day Mr. Ravi met an accident and passed away. Then Mr. Dinesh was given his first break as DOP in serial, ‘Shiv Mahapuran’ and in Tv. series of ‘One to Ten’ in 1998 by Mr. Babu Bhai.

He had a Marathi movie, ‘Kona Sathi, Kuni Teri’ and many other Hindi films as a DOP like ‘Jai Jwala Maa’ and ‘Sant Gyaneshwar’, directed by Dharmesh Tiwari. He recalled the memories movie ‘Hum’ of how Mr. Amitabh Bachchan used to be the first person to be on set even before time before anyone else in chilled weather. He was amazed at big stars for their cooperation be it the time or place in comparison with freshers. Mr. Dinesh Singh advice the freshers, to be honest, be punctual and be a hardworking person. Many people are content with their works because they are honest in their works that’s why this proverb, ‘Honesty is the best policy’, proven to be true. Mr. Dinesh always believed in his own experienced that, “The relation between Direction and DOP is like husband and wife.”

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