Vocal / Voice training For Actors In Acting Schools Near Me

Vocal / Voice training For Actors In Acting Schools Near Me

Voice Training for Actors is an integral part of acting skills development. Technically in a broader term and also practically speaking, diction is referring to what we speak more clearly. First of all, you need to become aware of yourself like how do you sound. Because what you hear of yourself is not the same as when others are listening to you. Clear communication means when you have in your voice the clarity, confidence, and credibility.

Voice training for actors:

People are like machines who only know noise making. However, it is helpful for an actor to understand the mechanics of their voice in order to train in the most effective way.

Actors use their voice to project outward emotion, matching it with body movements to interpret text and present a story. Hence, the voice cannot be thought of as an isolated skill, but rather a skill that requires coordination of the entire body.

The purpose of being a good actor lies not only just in his acting skills. But it is altogether the full control of the body and the vocal chords. Learning to command the attention is also depending on the power of the voice command. Literally, there are hundreds of vocal exercises.

Breathing & Voice Training

Good breathing habits are the base of a good voice as all vocal sounds start with a breath. Think of each breath as traveling down into your lungs with each inhales and pushed up each time you exhale. Actors should remain relaxed throughout breathing and speaking, seek to reduce tension in the neck, shoulders, jaw, back, and stomach.


When the body posture is erect yet relaxed, then the best voice is bound to be produced. The spine should be straight throughout breathing and voice exercises and the head facing forward and the crown of the head parallel to the ceiling. This posture supports the body’s respiratory system so that it can function smoothly.

Warm-Up Exercises for Voice Training

For any kind of exercises, a good warm-up is important. Same way here with voice exercises, a good warm-up is very important. A long and slow warm-up allows the muscles to activate and can reduce strain during a performance or exercise session.

Actors can start by stretching their tongue. Stick the tongue out, point up and down. Brace the tongue behind the front bottom teeth and push the center out. Massage the muscles of the jaw and face to further reduce tension. Stretch the neck lightly by leaning to the sides, front and back.

Start making sounds quietly and slowly. Stick your tongue out and pant like a dog to open up your breath. To reduce the tension in the lips and cheeks, flap your lips by blowing air and producing a “BEE” or BRR” sound.

Yawn widely to stretch the jaw. Smile while you are yawning. Make a sighing sound for as long as you can.

Text work is another great way to train your voice alone or before a performance. Read or recite your text aloud, focusing on your breath and voice. Change the exercise by over annunciating the words, whispering, and speaking loudly. Actors can discover new emotions and intentions by working with text aloud while developing specific muscle memory for the text in their voice.

Regular voice exercise is paramount for actors to fully connect their voice and body. When you are new, especially, you should go for a workshop voice training and modulation. Do not feel shy to look out for any acting class because any top acting school will have voice work as part of its curriculum.

Development of a natural voice will infuse any actor’s performance with truth and emotional flexibility. Train your voice to speak like you give a damn.

Train your diction on a regular basis with the help of special experience, which benefits are obvious :

  • They strengthen your muscles involved in speech.
  • They provide you with habitual speech patterns that work for good.

There are different exercises for different types of sounds. When you decide on trying different diction exercises, remember the following: always start slowly, getting faster and faster while maintaining clarity.

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