Debasish Banerjee – Cinematographer Info – Glamstr Productions 2018

Debasish Banerjee – Cinematographer Info – Glamstr Productions 2018

Debasish Banerjee came to filmmaking from a completely different field. He was an Electronics Telecommunication engineer. While studying engineering in Kolkata, he developed this interest in still photography. Debasish Banerjee did a course on stills. And in parallel, he was watching many films from all over the world. Every Wednesday in Nandan [a famous cultural hub in kolkata] they used to screen a film of masters like Bunuel, Ray, Fellini etc. Debasish used to eagerly wait all week to watch that screening. So in his subconscious mind, somehow still photography and cinema merged together and he decided to appear for FTII, Pune cinematography entrance exam. And somehow, he made it!

In Debasish Banerjee own words, “My family didn’t want me to leave the well paid IT job I just got and get into the uncertainty of film world. But I somehow managed to convince them. And thus my journey in the field of cinematography started. After passing out of FTII, I assisted a few of my senior DoPs and then started looking for independent work. Work was coming, but it was infrequent. money was less. Then in time, things got a little better. It’s all about patience and perseverance. There are times when one might think what’s the point of all this…struggling, losing your precious years, chasing after something which might or might not be achieved ever. But then, that’s the definition of ‘dream’, isn’t it?

DOP Debasish have shot two Hindi feature films. PARANTHE WALI GALI released in 2014. His second feature THODA LUTF THODA ISHQ released in 2015.It was super fun, shooting both the projects. Especially in THODA LUTF, shooting with actors like Rajpal Yadav, Sanjay Mishra, Sushmita Mukherjee was a great learning experience! It was amazing to watch how a great actor can lift an otherwise ordinary scene to a whole different level! Debasish Banerjee had shot commercials for Ad Production Houses like Little Lamb Films, Razorblade Films, Big Fish Productions etc. A PSA called “Main hoon Rashmimatric pass” which he shot recently was an official selection in  5th Woodpecker International Film Festival. It was about stopping the early marriage of girl children. While shooting it, he felt he was doing something for the society, though in a very small way.

A short film he shot named ‘JAYA’ was the semi-finalist in 40th STUDENT ACADEMY AWARDS. Another short film GULABEE was a winner of ROYAL REEL AWARDS  at CANADA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL.

Currently, he is working on a feature film project. It’s about a small girl and her journey through struggles in life. “I feel it has got a lot of scopes visually. I am working on the overall lighting scheme of the film.” – Dabasish said

“In the world of the internet boom and after the invention of DSLRs which shoot brilliant videos, the industry was flooded with new DOPs. .Suddenly it started to seem to everybody[including these new gen DOPs and production people] that cinematography has become much easier, because unlike film cameras, in digital cameras you get what you see on LCD. I would like to emphasize the fact that camera doesn’t make good images, the DOP does. And the art and understanding of cinematography are much more than just seeing an image on LCD and recording it. So please invest a few years to ‘learn’ cinematography before working professionally. It will pay off in the long run. Secondly, there will be times when you’ll feel like leaving the industry and do something else. Don’t worry…that happens to everybody. Just wait and keep doing what you are doing…and keep dreaming. Success will come. Amen!” – Debasish Banerjee

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