Current Auditions for Hindi Feature Film

Glamstr Production House in technical collaboration with Peeping Tom Productions brings you an amazing Hindi Feature Film Named Kaalikaya. The movie is scheduled to be shot in the Month of January 2019. The location for the film shooting is Baroda, Gujarat.

The movie revolves around some para normal activities happening with the protagonists of the movie in their home town. The protagonists are husband and wife along with their kids living in the city of Mumbai. When this family visits their home town, they experience some evil presence in the house which is trying to disturb and ruin the lives of their family.

Currently we have following characters pending for casting.

  1. Lead Female – Pooja

Pooja is a house wife in her early 30s. She has 2 kids. She is a normal looking Indian woman with high values and a strong belief in God. Pooja’s world is only her Husband and 2 kids, a Girls and a Boy.

2. Lead Male – Dhruv

Dhruv is husband of Pooja and his age is in late 30’s. He is doing a job in Mumbai City. He lives in Mumbai along with his younger brother who is around 25 years of age. Dhruv plans a vacation to his home town where his Mother and Father are living.

3. Dhruv’s Younger Brother – Young guy of age between 23 to 26 Years

4. House Maid – Kalpana – A young woman between the age of 22 to 25 Years.

5. Kid 1 – Boy – 7 Years Age

6. Kid 2 – Girl – 5 Years Age

7. Grand Pa – 65 Years

8. Grand Ma – 63 Years

Please note that telephone calls will not be entertained for any queries. You should mail or text anything you want to know about this offer. Audition will be held in Mumbai Studio.

Following is the YouTube Link for the video of this project :-


Interested candidates can send their application containing the portfolio photos, audition videos and brief introduction by email to or send it by WhatsApp to – 09967658331

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