Chander Chopra – Bollywood Director Info- Glamstr Productions 2018

Chander Chopra – Bollywood Director Info- Glamstr Productions 2018

Mr. Chander Chopra started his journey in Bollywood in early 1980. He used to stay with the relative of his close friend, who was a Cinematographer, late Mr. Kaka Thakur who have done many hit movies such as ‘Mera Gaon Mera Desh’, ‘Prem Kahani‘, ‘Hatyata’, ‘Karan Arjun’ and so on.

Here Mr. Chander Chopra got a chance to visit the sets and started learning initials of filmmaking. Then from here, he got attracted to production. He then started his distribution office, Delhi. Then financed ‘Ek Ka Jawab Do’ starring Om Puri, Archana Puran Singh, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Raza Murad, Sadashiv Amrapurkar and others. ‘Ek Ka Jawab Do’ was directed by Mr. Chopra’s friend. It was from here Mr. Chopra learned Production, Finance, Direction, Editing etc and he started to do many tv serials, written & directed by himself, such as ‘Filmi Duniya ki Kahani film logon ki zubani’ which run for 19 episode on ‘DD metro’.

Offers for serials started to come many offers and ‘Do Meri Kahani’, ‘Counsel kamal’, ‘Mahanayak’, ‘Tune churaya mere dil’. Later, Mr. Chander Chopra joined a Film Production House who used to do tv programs for Doordarshan for 2 years, run by Mr. Abhik Bhanu, who is now an established director of Bollywood. Mr. Chopra then went back to Delhi and directed a Hindi film ‘Yeh Kya Kiya re Saddam’ written by himself.

Many offers then flew in but after few meetings with the producers of Delhi, he got to know that they were not genuine at all so he rejects them all. He has his own Post Production House at Delhi, under the name of Ceekay Post Production studios. He wrote many scripts for producers such as ATM ROBBER, MNC KE SIDE EFFECTS, YEH ISHQ DEEWANA PAGAL HAI, HAAN MAINE PYAR KIYA HAI, 7 DAYS, THE KILLER etc. KABHI DHOOP KABHI CHHAON, & INTERNET TRAP are Mr. Chopra current films. Both are written, directed & edited by himself. ‘Internet trap’ is at pre-production stage it will go on floor in January 2018.

“My advice to every newcomer is that first of all do not fall into the trap of fraud producers who used to ask you to pay them money to launch you. They all false producers. If you have talent then one day you shall get work. Nobody can make you become an actor by taking money from you. Myself been struggled a lot in Bollywood for many years & came across such producers who wanted to invest some money in their project but I always refuse them for that.” – Words of advice from Mr. Chander Chopra

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