Cameraman Jobs In Mumbai – New Bollywood Hindi Film 2018

Cameraman Jobs In Mumbai – New Bollywood Hindi Film 2018

Cameraman Jobs In Mumbai for Female Assistant DoP. She should have enough or equivalent knowledge to what a DoP actually does. Hence, she can be of help and can assist the work properly and on time and with care. We, Glamstr Production House Pvt. Ltd., is opening this job opportunity to that one such careful assistant who understands the work commands and situations.

A cinematographer is the one who selects the camera, film stock, filters, lens, etc. to match with the intentions of the director. A cinematographer prepares the cameras for each scene in a movie; this often includes multiple mounts so that they can get shots from many different angles.

A DP’s duties and responsibilities include the work he does before, during and after film production. A DoP manages a film project by using data efficiently to avoid redundant work.

The DP or DoP is the one who is well versed with his works. He is handling the following under Cameraman Jobs Category :

Visual Style

The director of photography works with production designers, art directors, set dressers and even wardrobe crew and hairstylists to help establish the look of the film and its individual scenes. The script and the director’s vision and result in imagery that the camera can capture by the decisions made in this area should match.

Film Stock Selection

The selection of film stock can dramatically influence the look of the film. The decisions made primarily in pre-production – but also including methods of printing the film in post-production – help set the mood and advance the film’s plot.


Lighting is an important aspect of Cameraman Jobs. In lighting the film, the director of photography settles on an icy blue look to suggest a physically or emotionally cold environment, or warm shades to set a nostalgic or heartwarming tone.

Camera Operation

The director of photography actually operates the movie camera in rare cases. More typically, he oversees the camera crew and makes sure the director gets the film he envisioned through the way it’s shot. It also involves selecting special equipment by the framing of the scene, overseeing the use of camera filters and aperture settings.

Eligible criteria:

You should

  • have good technical knowledge of photo chemical and digital processes.
  • know all about camera equipment.
  • have considerable industry experience.
  • be flexible in order to adapt ideas instantly.
  • be able to take decisions quickly.
  • know about photography, painting and the moving image.
  • have an artistic vision.
  • be creative.
  • pay precise attention to detail.
  • have good color vision.
  • be able to give and accept direction.
  • have excellent communication skills.
  • when working with cast and crew be diplomatic and tactful.
  • know about health and safety legislation and procedures.

Required qualification:  Bachelor’s degree

Required skills: Digital camera and computer skills, artistic ability

Interview process:

1. Send Resume by email to to GLAMSTR.

2. Once your profile is reviewed, you will be called for an interview in our Andheri office.

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