Bhagat Singh – Bollywood Actor-Director Info – Glamstr Productions 2018

Bhagat Singh – Bollywood Actor-Director Info – Glamstr Productions 2018

This name Bhagat Singh doesn’t need any introduction. The name itself is an identity. Then there was a Bhagat Singh who brought a revolution. Today we have one Bhagat Singh in our Film Industry who has his own unique style of working and making things happen.

He came to Mumbai as an actor, but soon he started recruiting his fellow actors under his banner for a TV Serial. He can make anyone act in best possible manners. For him acting is not a very tough job.

Currently, he is planning to launch and produce one TV Serial to be telecast on Chardikla Time TV Channel. Thereafter SONY, ZEE, COLORS, and & TV is on his wish list. He is scheduled to make few more good movies too in near future. He wishes everyone to progress with a mutual effort and he believes in collective progress.

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