Avtar Bhogal – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Avtar Bhogal – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Avtar Bhogal is a maverick Indian filmmaker, best known for directing the popular and critically acclaimed films like Zakhmi Aurat, Aaj Kie Aurat, and Honour Killing.

Avtar Bhogal is versatile with professional experience in Filmmaking, Film Direction, Acting, Screenplay Writing, and Storytelling. Avtar Bhogal is a multitalented with credentials of over 15 feature films in Hindi and Punjabi Film Industry.

Born in Punjab, Avtar Bhogal was taken to Kenya when he was nine years old. He got his formal education in that country and then the film bug took him to Britain, where he did a course in film direction at the London Television Centre in Warwick, Warwickshire from 1960 to 1962.

Britain, he thought, was good enough for learning cinematography but probably, he did not think it to be the right place to make the right professional start by an Indian. So he came to Bombay at the end of ‘Sixties’ and became an assistant of Dev Anand in ‘Prem Pujari’.

He also worked under T. Prakash Rao for ‘Duniya’. Some three years back, he joined hand with another Indian from Britain, B. S. Bening, who later started the production of “Ek Huns Ka Jora”. He started his career as an independent director of the film “Ek Huns Ka Jora”.

Maverick Indian filmmaker Avtar Bhogal, famed for a series of controversial women’s issue films exploring themes of sexual exploitation and violence in the 1990’s, manipulating traditional Bollywood conventions to the consternation of the Censor Board, critics and traditionalists alike, at the time.

Avtar believes that films should be made to entertain. But after having had a good time, the viewer should have something to take home, too. That is a good value for the filmgoer’s money, he feels. And, with such ideas, he should stay in business if he executes them well.

Avtar Bhogal’s credentials works : As Writer for Honour Killing (2015), Aaj Kie Aurat (1993), Ek Hans Ka Jora (1975) As Producer for Dil Ka Doctor (1995), Aaj Kie Aurat (1993), Videsh (1977) As Assistant Director for Prem Pujari in 1970, Duniya in 1968 As an Actor for Videsh in 1977, The Media Show (TV Series) in 1988, Episode 3.10 in 1988 And many other works in Film like Haar Jeet (1990), Zakhmi Aurat (1988), Haan Nu Haan Pyara (1983). Presently, Avtra Bhogal is working on a few prominent projects and shuttling between India and UK due to hectic work schedule.

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