Audition for Females for You Tube Video Ad of Detergent Powder

5 Females Require for making an Ad of Detergent Powder


Five females with fair complexions, with the character knowledge of a housewife.


This audition is for an advertisement on youTube. The casting director will select the aspirants at the first stage and finalized by the concerned Ad film company.

We need five females in between age group of 25-30, with proper figure according to the height and weight. Height should be minimum 5.4’ to 5.6’. All the candidates should have a pleasant voice with a pleasant personality. Communication skills should be fluent and free. This Ad will show the use of product and advantages of using the product. The theme of an ad will be domestic and grounded to regular life of layman and what kind of problems housewife meet daily, regarding washing powder.

It’s an advertisement video on youtube, auditions are in Mumbai. Casting and shootings will be informed after selection by Ad film making company.

Project details:

This is an Ad that relates to detergent powder on air with you tube channel to increase sales. So in this ad, we will try best to come out with best features of the product with local, house hold idea. Send your details if your profile fulfills our requirements.


Application Process :

  1. Send application by E-Mail to [Or WhatsApp Ms. Madhavi (09870148745)]
  2. Professional Portfolio is a must.
  3. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a live audition at Andheri Studio.
  4. The final date of shooting will be mentioned only after the Audition.

Important Note :

  1. This selection procedure is fully controlled and managed by Glamstr Production House Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai
  2. No registration fees for the auditions and applications. If any candidate is applying through agents then kindly check the authorization letters from such agents before applying through them.
  3. This offer stands valid for few more opportunities through our company. The candidates applying for this opportunity need not fill the separate form for any such information coming from our official portal.

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