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Assistant Director Jobs In Mumbai Film City

Glamstr Production House Pvt. Ltd. open the Assistant Director Jobs for 2017. The role of an assistant director on a film includes tracking daily progress against the filming production schedule, arranging logistics, preparing daily call sheets, checking cast and crew, and maintaining order on the set. They also have to take care of the health and safety of the crew. The role of an assistant to the director is often confused with the assistant director but the responsibilities are entirely different. The assistant to the director manages all of the Director’s in development, pre-production, while on set, through post-production and is often involved in both personnel management as well as creative aspects of the production process.

We need 02 Female Assistant Directors who can perform their duties properly

1st Assistant Director – The 1st AD is responsible for all the logistics in support of the director. Before the shoot, she is to put together the entire shooting schedule. Much of this work she will be doing in collaboration with a Production Manager who oversees the budget and hires most of the crew.

The 1st Assistant Director should be on the ground making sure everything runs according to plan. The first AD should always be standing right out of the shot, either next to the director or next to someone critical for the shot (an actor who needs to walk in at a particular time and needs to be queued). The 1st AD will call for action and got everyone to be quiet before a take. The 1st Assistant Director probably should be able to say the word “quiet” more than an average person does in their entire life.

2nd Assistant Director- The second Assistant Director supports the first Assistant Director. This often means the 2nd AD deals with everything that is going on logistically outside the immediate area where the director is filming. This means moving actors from their hotels to their trailers or the staging area to wardrobe and then makeup and then the set itself. It means making sure things like craft services are functioning properly, reminding the AD when things like meal breaks need to happen, or distributing script pages when they change. This is only a partial and random list because there is so much to do and it changes every minute. The 2nd AD was consistently the hardest person to locate on set because he literally never sat still. The only way to find him was via walkie-talkie. When needed help with something, she should be there.


We know that the responsibilities of a director varies greatly and is extremely complex in many ways. Yet, the following are the few points mentioning where we expect the director to do

1. Should be the leader of others, as a guiding force.

2. Provide certain organizational context to the picture.

3. Must be able to judge the comments.

4. Should be able to understand the function well.

5. Full concentration power on the structures of the script.

6. She should know the works of Art.

7. Check on the performance of the actors and guide them the right gestures.

8. Attentive to camerawork.

Eligible criteria for Female Assistant Director Jobs:

You should

  • have good technical knowledge of digital processes.
  • know all about camera equipment.
  • have considerable industry experience.
  • be flexible in order to adapt ideas instantly.
  • be able to take decisions quickly.
  • have an artistic vision.
  • be creative.
  • pay precise attention to detail.
  • have good color vision.
  • be able to give and accept direction.
  • have excellent communication skills.
  • when working with cast and crew be diplomatic and tactful.
  • know about health and safety legislation and procedures.

Experience: Advancement is typically commensurate with experience

Key Skills: Communication, leadership, management, business, and creativity.

Interview process for Assistant Director Jobs:

1. Send Resume by email to to GLAMSTR.

2. Once your profile is reviewed, you will be called for an interview in our Andheri office.

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