Abhik Bhanu – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

Abhik Bhanu – Bollywood Director Info – Glamstr Production House 2018

A man, one among the many Filmmaker who loves to keep themselves busy but if anyone coming in for visiting, he gladly welcoming them with grace. Yes, we are talking about Mr. Abhik Bhanu.

Mr. Vijay, our representative got a chance to sit and chat and know about Mr. Abhik Bhanu. Mr. Vijay was having a good time in exchanging words with each other for some amount of time. In the interviewed, Mr. Abhik shared about his latest movies – ‘Gun pe done’ which is to be released after his ‘Mallika’ and ‘Khabri 420’ movies. ‘Gun pe done’ is a family entertaining movie for all age group. Mr. Abhik is really happy when the actors like his concepts and performed greatly from the beginning until the end without any complaint about any reason. Now he is working on three projects: A) Aadhar B) Blind faith C) Exa Tokio. He has come out with his book, name ‘Aadarth Rambo’.

Abhik Bhanu who is known for making Sab Kuch Hai Kuch Bhi Nahin, Dark Rainbow and Gun Pe Done planning his next project titled ‘Mallika‘. He is talking to A-plus artists about the feature film. Sab Kuch Hai Kuch Bhi Nahin, very few people know this 2005 released film which speaks about the power of banking system. The idea has been taken in the notice by present BJP government and later implemented.

His next book Stool Pigeon will be soon out in the market as a London based publisher has shown interest publishing his novel which is based on Dharavi.

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