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Best Modeling School In Mumbai - Glamstr

Glamstr Academy is one of the Best Modeling School In Mumbai. We provide Modeling Training and Model Management services. All the students taking admission in our institute can enjoy the 100% Job Guaranteed Facility with the help of our expert Marketing and PR Team. Following is more detailed information about the course which we provide :

Answers covered about  how to :

Become a model ?

Win a beauty contest ?

Do modeling poses ?

Become a successful model ?

Make a modeling portfolio ?

Ramp walk for a beauty pageant ?

Participate in Miss India ?


Our course is exclusively designed to make you a successful model and it enhances your skills to win in any beauty contest by modeling agencies. This quality makes us one of the Best Modeling School in Mumbai. To participate in any Fashion show or to work as a model for any fashion industry, our training course will provide you with all the necessary tips and techniques.

Section 1: How to become a model ?

1. Physical appearance and Grooming Yourself 2 house Pdf file

2. Fitness levels - Yoga and other exercises

3. How to increase Confidence level

4. Style and dressing

5. Initial Communication skills

6. Presenting yourself and talking to the masses

7. How to Introduce yourself

8. Improving Vocabulary

9. Improving Diction

10. How to do Public Speaking

11. Voice Modulation practices

Section 2: Presentation and performance on Ramps

1. Good Body language

2. Perfecting Ramp Walk

3. Knowing the Ramp Poses

4. Understanding the Still Pose

5. Understands the Posture

6. Understanding Stilettos

7. Posing for Picture Perfect

8. Posing for Portfolio Management

Section 3: Understanding The Wardrobe

1. Styling and Comfort

2. Important points to understand about styling

3. Perfection in Swimwear round

4. Understanding the Indian attire

5. Avoiding certain styles and wardrobe

6. Perfecting the Accessories

7. Get the perfect Footwear

8. Perfecting the Pageant Attire

Section 4: The Personality of a Beauty Pageant

1. Knowing the internal strengths and weaknesses

2. Understand your USP

3. Get the right Attitude

4. Understanding the Etiquettes

5. Learning Confidence building

6. Learning General Awareness

7. Proper Time Management

Section 5: Learning The Breakdowns from Best Modeling School

1. Understanding the Competition in deeper level

2. How to cope up with Stress

3. Balancing Act in a competition

Section 6: Learning The Personality Development

1. Introduction and Personality Development

2. Strengths and weaknesses Analysis

3. Understanding What’s my USP

4. Improve the Communication Skills

5. Improving the Body Language

6. Building the Professional & Public Etiquettes

7. Improving the Attire

8. Confidence building

9. Improving the General Awareness

10. Time Management

11. Overview and practical sessions

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